Saturday, July 16, 2016

Greece Turkey Trip

A long overdue long-trip... We haven't had a long trip since our 9 day Kerala trip in 2012. The thought of this long trip was triggered by a mandatory week off in office. Sitting at home for one week was absolute not an option.
First choice for the travel was a Europe trip to Paris, Swiss, Italy. However, I had roughly 10 days for the travel and the Europe trip didn't look a good fit for that duration. Next options for this 10 day trip were Russia and Greece. Russia was interesting at this time particularly for White Nights of Saint Petersburg. However, it could not beat the lure of Santorini and we decided to finalize on Greece-Turkey trip.

At high level, the itinerary was like this. The site has been tremendous help in planning the itinerary. If you are planning a multi-city trip (or even a small trip I guess), this site can be really handy. [I don't get any commission from inspirock if you click on the link - I am just a happy customer :)]

Following are the hotels I used at each location and some quick tips based on my travel experience -


Hotel: Athens Cypria Hotel - My review - Decent hotel, excellent location

I personally prefer hotels at central locations in the city. You may end up paying a little extra but overall you can stroll around the main attraction any time of the day and save precious time by reducing your commute across the city. Athens Cypria was at perfect location in Athens with quite a few attractions nearby. Hop-On-Hop-Off is a good way to view the city. 


Blue Waves Hotel - My Review - Decent hotel, location not bad

Santorini was the highlight of Greece trip. It has superb locations. Fira is the central point in Santorini. You can go to different places of Santorini from here using public transport (local buses). Another way is to hire an ATV or a scooter. While it can be fun to ride scooter/ATV, it can get really hot in the afternoon so we hired it only for one day. Rest of the the days, buses were good enough.

Our hotel was at Kamari beach and it was an excellent hotel but If I travel to Santorini again, I would rather prefer staying in Fira.


Hotel: Galini Hotel - My Review - Decent hotel, excellent location
    We spent just one night in Mykonos. While Mykonos is beautiful, it is a small town and one or two days are more than enough for this place. Again, our hotel was right in the city center - at perfect location to stroll around Mykonos.

    Athens - Night stopover

    Hotel: Mare Nostrum - My Review - Not good

    From Mykonos, we took a flight to Athens, spent a night at hotel Mare Nostrum and took a flight to Istanbul next day morning. This hotel in Athens was probably the lowest point of the trip. The hotel is advertised as a hotel just 5 km away from airport, it turned out to be more than 20 km away, in a secluded area. Due to its location, not many cab drivers will agree to go to this hotel. I normally look at reviews before booking the hotel but this being just a night stopover, I didn't check much. More than the distance, waste of time is bigger problem. We slept hardly 4-5 hours due to the distance and hassle with finding the cab.


    Hotel: Great Fortune Hotel - My Review - Decent hotel, excellent location

    Istanbul was an awesome experience. 3 days are just not good enough for this place. It's unfortunate that this place is not one of the safest places to travel anymore.
    In fact, I was at this place at right time (or wrong time!) - just about a week before my stay, there was an attack at Ataturk airport of Istanbul and exactly one week after my travel, there was millitary coup in Turkey.

    Due to excellent location of my hotel, I didn't have to use hop-on-hop-off at Istanbul. Most of the main attractions - Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye mosque, Spice Bazaar, Grand Bazaar etc. were nearby or just few stops away by tram. You must not miss traditional Turkish food and Turkish delights.

    This is definitely a place that I would like to visit again someday.

    Summary of my itinerary

    Planned Route
    Thu, Jun 30  Mon, Jul 11
    Singapore, Singapore
     9​h 30​min /9051 kms
    Athens, Greece
     — 2 days
    Fly + bus:
     3​h 45​min /256 kms
    Fira, Greece
     — 3 days
     2​h 45​min /156 kms
    Mykonos Town, Greece
     — 2 days
    Fly + subway:
     2​h 30​min /168 kms
    Athens, Greece
     — Few hours
     4​h 45​min /591 kms
    Istanbul, Turkey
     — 2 days
     14​h 30​min /8645 kms
    Singapore, Singapore

    Monday, October 20, 2014

    Indian Govt on reforms spree....

    Amidst all the 'hot news' about elections in states of Maharastra and Haryana, BJP Govt has taken some important steps for economic reforms in a very short span of time.
    - Labor reforms to boost manufacturing (16-Oct-2014)
    - Diesel price deregulation (19-Oct-2014)
    - Declared ordinance for e-auction of coal blocks (20-Oct-2014)

    On the not-so-positive side though, there have been two criticism on the govt.
    - Black money case: Govt expressed inability to declare names of the black money holders until they are charge-sheeted, siting bilateral treaties with the foreign nations
    - Possible alliance with NCM may not be seen in very good light considering the image of NCP (Anyways, BJP does not have an option if Shiv-sena remains adamant with excessive demands)

    So certainly there are few temporary negatives, it's heartening to see the positive moves for economic development. At least good progress - at decent speed - is happening in terms of economic reforms.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Personal Finance

    Recently I gave a session to some of my friends on Personal Finance.
    Slides from the session -

    Wednesday, April 09, 2014

    Conviction vs Hope

    This post is not about stock investments.
    I invest in stocks. I am no stock market guru but I like to find out good businesses at good valuations and invest my money in stocks of those companies. The outcome is two folds:
    1) Obvious one is that I gain good returns on my investment
    2) Second one, though not-so-obvious but I feel more important one, is that my understanding of 'good business' has improved great deal over the years!

    And one important learning from my experience with investments is that you should invest in companies that provide 'conviction' of good returns and not just 'hope' of good returns. After your analysis, you should not just hope that the company/stock will deliver good returns but you should be convinced enough to invest significant amount of money in that company. I would avoid a company that gives 'hope' for very high returns, for a company that gives 'conviction' of above average to high returns. Because 'hope' involves very high amount of risk compared to 'conviction'.

    Now, as the first line of this post mentioned - this post is not about stock investments.
    This is about politics.... Indian elections. Peak time - aggressive campaigns everywhere!
    I support BJP and in particular its PM candidate Narendra Modi. Typical discussions one would find on social media is about two parties - BJP or AAP.
    One thing common about supporters of both the parties is devoted fan base. And the fact is that both these parties had common fan following hardly 3 months back. The people who liked BJP also liked AAP and vice versa.

    I was one of those. I have been in favor of Narendra Modi for the PM candidate for long time but at the same time, I liked the emergence of Arvind Kejriwal. Right from the movement against corruption couple of years back, till his win in Delhi elections.

    Narendra Modi provided 'conviction' based on his track record and Arvng Kejriwal provided 'hope' being an outsider in the mainstream political system.

    But things have changed in last few months. My opinion for Arvind Kejriwal has changed ever since he decided to contest in national elections! I had to choose between Modi and Kejriwal and I choose Modi. The same stock market learning goes here... preference to 'Conviction' over 'Hope'!

    When I say I support Modi, I do not expect him solve all of India's problem or do some kind of larger than life changes in the lives of Indians. I just find him best option of the available ones!
    And when I say I do not support Kejriwal, I do not say I will never support him. I just mean I do not support him for this election. I would like to see his capability as an administrator before I vote for him in a national election. I would wait till the 'hope' is converted into 'conviction'.

    I think Kejriwal had a chance in Delhi. He could have done good work as a CM of Delhi but instead he chose to resign over the issue of an anti-corruption bill. And of course anti-corruption bill is important but it cannot be end of life for a government! It is a no-brainer that he did so to be able to focus on national elections!
    Nothing wrong in doing so but then he missed an opportunity to 'prove' himself!

    Instead of resignation, he could have done work in other fields. For example, traffic is a huge problem in Delhi - he could constructed 100 flyovers! This one action alone could have left a long lasting impact and could have ensured his victory in Delhi elections had the elections happened again! In the name of good governance, he decided to go with freebies.... the famous menace of democracies all over the world!

    He has ended up dividing his support base. There was no need to tell people to choose between him and Modi. He could have worked efficiently in Delhi and the Modi supporters would have started supporting him gradually by next general elections in 2019 or even 2024!

    Patience could have gone a long way in building his reputation and over a period of time he could have captured imagination of the middle class!

    I am still puzzled at his impatience for this general election because I am sure he knows that he cannot win enough seats in general election in such a short span of time with limited resources! So effectively he has traded his reputation (and divided his support base) for a few not-so-useful seats in general elections!

    I hope he wins again at state level in Delhi or any other state and proves his credentials as an effective leader. Who knows, he may prove to be better than Modi or any other leader! But then he has to show it not just say it. If he delivers, why would people not support him!

    After all, everyone wants good governance - the ones who support him and the ones who don't support him!

    Let's see what's the outcome of this elections. My gut feeling is that BJP would get more seats than the poll predictions but I might be biased.
    Whatever may be the result - I hope one party gets majority and whatever party you support - Do not forget to vote!

    Monday, December 02, 2013

    My experience with loosing 7+ kgs in 1.5 months...

    I am sure many of us, if not all, want to shed those few extra pounds (or kgs should I say!). I have been no different. I have always lived at the upper edge of my idea weight... once in a while crossing that upper edge. 
    Have managed to pull back the weight to the 'ideal' number quite a few times in past. However, this was probably the longest duration I had not done so. I did it last in 2007... at the time of marriage and ever since, my weight chart has had unidirectional upward movement.

    After contemplating for a long time which included a failed attempt in second half of 2012, finally I managed to start the fitness regime in October month this year.

    I joined gym in second half of 2012 but did not manage to pull back my weight. So this attempt started with some retrospection about that not-so-successful attempt. So this were some of the important points from the retrospection:
    - I used to hit the gym for about 3-4 days a week and each visit to gym was about 2 hrs (which includes going and coming back from gym, changing into/from gym clothes, waiting at the tread mills etc.). But the gym was a drag...I had to push myself really hard to go to gym.
    - I did not focus on diet at all. I did-not/could-not control my eating habits. (And... I am a foodie.)

    Conclusion of retrospection was - "Fitness/Weight-loss is by enlarge a psychological problem and not a physical one"

    Based on this, the plan this time was to KISS... to Keep It Simple Stupid. Focus on psychological aspect.... physical gains will follow.
    So what was this simple plan?
    - Forget Gym.... just hit the track for only 30mins a day
    - Track diet through good mobile apps.

    As I said, focus was on managing the psychological aspect..... committing 30 mins a day reduces the mental resistance by a great deal with respect to a commitment for 1 or 2 hrs! If I felt 'lazy' to jog; I could tell myself "It's just 30 mins!!!" (Slowly, I increased my running to 5kms which took about 40 mins.)
    To add to this, I used mobile app "Endomondo Sports Tracker" to track my running.

    Another psychological aspect was to manage diet and you can only do it effectively if you put your tracking 'on paper'. The app I used to track diet was "Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal".
    After checking multiple calorie counters available for android, I zeroed in on MyFitnessPal. One strong reason was that it contained calories for Indian food items.

    Some more finer points:
    • Go for 'prepaid' calories approach. If you expect intake of more calories on a day, try to run more that day. For example, my 1.5 months weight loss period included a couple of visits to "Barbeque Nation" for buffet and a couple of more buffets at other hotels. I ensured on each occasion that I ran/walked 10 kms that day. You should 'prepay' the calories you are going to consume. While such compensatory diets/exercises are not encouraged, it just keeps you conscious about your calories intakes.
    • Avoid sugar as much as you can. Do not cross sugar intake beyond the limit in MyFitnessPal. For example, during all the buffets that I mentioned above, I avoided desserts almost completely.
    • Avoid obvious fats like cheese, butter, too much oily/fried food.
    • The 1.5 months included 1 week of Diwali and 1 week of my brother's marriage!
    • Once again, "Focus on psychological aspect.... physical fitness will follow."
    • Create a group of like minded people... for example I consciously made an attempt (successful one) in my friends group in WhatsApp to create momentum on the fitness regime. We were discussing our diets and exercises in the group almost daily. As I said, many of us, if not all, are interested in such discussions. And these are 'win-win' discussions.
    • Once you get the momentum, it's fairly easy to continue. Especially with commitment of just 30 mins a day. (you can even start with running 15 mins a day.)
    • Do run, not just walk. Very important!!!
    • When you run, don't forget stretching exercises. A couple of minutes a stretching is very very important. You don't want "runner's knees" to hamper your rhythm.
    • While running, rather than focusing on 'intensity', focus on 'consistency'. What I mean here is that don't make your running so intense that you have to take a break next day due to pain. At the same time don't keep it too lame!
    Remember, once you cross initial resistance of 'take off', rest of teh journey is fairly smooth with right focus on 'psychy'.

    Another important note, this is my experience. Do take medical help if you have some medical conditions before following this!

    Try it... it's not as difficult as it feels.

    - Sarang

    Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Why I am moving from FundsIndia to FundSupermart

    I have been a FundsIndia customer for a very long time - almost from their infancy days. I love their neat and clean UI and the user experience. However, recently I have started contemplating a move from FundsIndia to FundSupermart.

    I have concern about their new open-ECS-mandate for SIPs. This open-mandate looks way too open to me.
    Attached is the open-ECS mandate of FundsIndia -

    The problem I have is with the language used here. Let's consider this example. Say, I want to start an SIP of Rs. 30,000 per month. That means I should give a mandate which allows FundsIndia to deduct maximum Rs 30,000 per month. Now, if we notice the highlighted parts (Frequency & Amount ) in the attached mandate, it says that the mandate allows deduction of Rs 30,000 PER DAY!!!

    It means for investing Rs 30,000 per month, I have to give a mandate for deduction of Rs 900,000 (Rs 30,000 per day * 30) per month! Why would I want to do that? To add to it, the minimum duration for the mandate is 5 years! Giving this mandate feels like giving post-dated cheques for Rs 30,000 for each day of next 5 years!

    The mandate does not anywhere say 'once a  month' or 'maximum amount per month' etc.!

    When I contacted FundsIndia customer care, they informed that the daily limit is set to allow customers choose any day of the month for SIP and I think that may be a valid statement - I do not counter that.
    I understand that it gives flexibility of choosing any date as SIP date. On FundsSupermart, we have to select a specific date out of the ones they have listed (Any date out of 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th etc.) - this reduces the flexibility but then I would (any customer would) prefer clarity on the document we sign as opposed to such flexibility. mandate of FundSupermart clearly mentions the frequency as monthly and maximum deduction limit per month! (their ECS mandate attached below)

    Before this post sends out any wrong signals, let me clarify - I trust FundsIndia that it will not make any unauthorized debit from my account but still when it comes to signing a 'cheque', I would strictly go by the wordings of the document!

    I am open to any suggestions my understanding on the mandate is incorrect! FundsIndia customer care could not give me satisfactory answer if my understanding was wrong!
    On the flip side, I feel when a document is too complex for a common man to understand, it is better to be apprehensive :)

    I had a very long mail chain with the customer care of FundsIndia and in the end, we agreed to disagree on this point.
    FundsIndia chose to stick to their mandate and I chose to avoid signing such a mandate.... avoid SIPs with FundsIndia.

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Kerala Trip

    A good trip was long long overdue.... to be precise, almost 5 years! We have not had done any travel since our honeymoon in Dec 2007 due to various genuine reasons - except small trips around Pune. So after quite a few deliberations and considerations about various places like Kashmir, Ladakh, Shimla, Kerala we finalized on Kerala [It was wife's first choice! :)].

    So the dates finalized for the trip were 20th Sept to 28th Sept - two reasons for finalizing Sept month. One - I had to complete my leaves by end of September and Two - from 1st Oct, peak season starts in Kerala taking costs up by 30% to 50%! The best value-for-money months for Kerala trip are Aug and Sept (Aug may witness some mild rain occasionally)!

    Now before digging into details, some main points about the trip:
    Flight: Spice-jet return (direct) flight Pune-Kochi-Pune cost about Rs. 6000 per person for return ticket! (booked through MMT) - Total Rs 18000 for 2 adults + 1 kid (2.5 years)
    Kerala Local Package: Package for 8 nights 9 days, Total cost Rs 37000 for two adults + one kid, including car, hotels everything. (does not include flight tickets)
    Tour operator for Package: A1 Kerala Holidays -
    My overall experience with the tour operator: Excellent - I would highly recommend! Got best rate from them and service was excellent!

    Now some details about planning of the trip:
    I booked my honeymoon trip to Mauritius through MakeMyTrip. While the service was good, when I met some other couples who were in the same hotel and same flight as we were, I realized that cost of MMT was about 10% higher than the local travel agents. So this time I preferred going with local travel agents and not any of the OTAs!
    Through google search I found A1 Kerala Holidays. One more interesting site (a startup) I found during my search is On travel triangle, one can post his travel requirement and local travel agents will provide quotation for the trip competing with each other.
    I received quotes from various agents but the best one was from A1 and hence I decided to go with them. Initially I was a bit apprehensive as I didn't find any reviews about them on net (not even on TripAdvisor!). However, the closest quotation I had was more than 10% higher and A1 is a General Sales Agent of KTDC and TTDC so decided to take a chance and go with A1.

    My itinerary was something like this -
    Cochin (1 night) - Munnar (2 nights) - Thekkady (1 night) - Alleppey houseboat (1 night) - Kovalam: including a day trip to kanyakumari (2 nights) - cochin (1 night) - cochin departure

    My Hotels:
    Cochin : Hotel SeaLord (Meals: Breakfast)
    Munnar : Las Palmas (Meals: Breakfast)
    Thekkady : KTDC Aranya Nivas (Meals: Breakfast, Dinner)
    Alleppy : A/c Deluxe Houseboat (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
    Kovalam: KTDC Samudra (Meals: Breakfast)
    The cost for the package - 37000/ for 2 persons + 1 kid (2.5 yrs)

    Originally I was suggested following hotels by A1 where I upgraded two hotels - In Thekkady & Kovalam :
    Cochin : Hotel Sea Lord/similar (Meals: Breakfast)
    Munnar : Las Palmas/similar (Meals: Breakfast)
    Thekkady : Silver Crest/similar (Meals: Breakfast)
    Alleppy : A/c Deluxe Houseboat (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
    Kovalam : Sagara Beach Resorts (Meals: Breakfast)
    The cost for the package - 34000/ for 2 persons + 1 kid (2.5 yrs)

    Suggestions based on my experience:
    Following are some of my suggestions based on my experience of the trip.
    If you are planning similar duration of trip, I would recommend skipping Thekkady and adding a day in Kovalam instead.
    Upgrading hotel to KTDC AranyaNivas in Thekkady cost me Rs 2000 extra. While Aranya nivas was simply superb, I would suggest you should go to Thekkady only if you want to do some trekking or jeep safari in jungle and in that case you should give 2 to 3 days to Thekkady. If you are not interested in trekking, skipping Thekkady is highly recommended. More than saving a day, saving on the travel-time is more important. Travel by road takes a lot of time in Kerala. On an average you can expect to travel not more than 30km/h in Kerala which means 150 kms is a long time-distance of 5 hrs... almost half of your day!

    Another points was that Arrival and departure should not be at same place. If you arrive at Cochin, depart from Trivendrum and vice versa. In my case, there was no direct flight to Trivendrum from/to Pune and the cost was also almost double w.r.t. Cochin flight.

    So for the same duration, I would suggest following itinerary:
    Cochin (1 night) - Munnar (2 nights) - Alleppey houseboat (1 night) - Kovalam (3 nights) - Trivendrum departure

    A1KeralaHolidays: As I already mentioned, most competitive and excellent service. One more thing, our package included A/C Indica car but we got a free upgrade to A/C Tavera. Definitely added to comfort factor! The driver Binu was very humble and always eager to help. The complete experience has been very good with them.
    Phone: +91 4842377880  |  Mobile: +91 9567860874 | Email:

    In general I felt politeness is imbibed into the very nature of Keralite people. Very humble people and they do understand the fact that tourism is the main industry driving Kerala and hence they have very positive attitude towards tourists. Unlike other parts of India, in general you won't find people trying to cheat a tourist.

    Kochi: Kochi is one of the main cities of Kerala. Has good historical places. 1 day is more than enough for this place. I spent two nights here as I had onwards and return flight both from Kochi.
    The hotel SeaLord was really a good hotel. It is located in city center and Marine drive is just opposite the hotel. No scenic views though.

    Munnar: An awesome place with pathetic roads! (This can be generalized for Kerala as well) It is a beautiful hill station. However, if you are coming to Kerala to relax and have only 4-6 days, you can give a skip to Munnar and choose only backwaters (Alleppey) and beaches (Kovalam). Munnar is famous for its Tea Gardens. We visited Eravikulam national park (beautiful!), Tea Museum, Punarjani's Kathakali performance, flower garden and Muttupatty Dam (awesome views). Tea available at tea museum is about half the rate what you find in major Indian cities (at least I can compare with Pune)
    Hotel Las Palmas was good hotel. It was a bit far from central Munnar. There was no mobile signal as well in the hotel. When we entered the room, the room smelled a bit due to dampness in the room walls I think. They applied some room freshener on our request. Fresh air from the window as well helped getting rid of the smell of dampness. Hotels in Munnar do not have A/Cs as the atmosphere itself is cold enough.

    Thekkady: As I wrote above, unless you want some trekking experience, it is highly recommended that you skip Thekkady. Mainly to cut down the travel time! Thekkady is famous for its spice garden. We did shopping for spices from Thekkady.
    The hotel Aranya Nivas was simply awesome! Right in the middle of the Periyar wildlife century - a highly recommended hotel if you are going to Thekkady. It is a KTDC resort but the staff is the most efficient staff I witnessed - no traces of that government  employees attitude! KTDC must be doing something right to ensure such an agility and proactiveness in their staff.

    Alleppey: The houseboat we stayed in was arranged by our tour operator only so we don't know the name of the houseboat company but the boat had 'Whispering Waves' written on it. Not sure if it was houseboat name or the company name. However, I got the feeling that all the houseboats would be equally good as government has strict rules for maintenance of the houseboats! One night in the houseboats is a MUST HAVE experience in Kerala. The food on the houseboat is also something to cherish if you want to experience authentic Kerala food.

    Kovalam: The most beautiful part of the trip. Awesome beach, awesome experience!
    The hotel KTDC Samudra had awesome beach view rooms. However, there were hell lot many mosquitoes in the room. I hated it - could not sleep properly both the nights. I had to kind of pack myself in the comforter to avoid the mosquitoes! One more negative was that no one responds on their room service number (shows not-so-good attitude of the hotel)! Hence the hotel left a little bad taste in my mind. If not for the views, I would have simply discarded this hotel. I would recommend checking out any other hotel with good beach views before going for this one.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Narendra Modi

    Every one, every where is talking about candidature of NaMo (Narendra Modi) as next PM of India. I though let me give my 2 cents [as if my opinion matters :)].

    As I have always maintained (read my earlier blog here), good governance is not just about being non-corrupt or patriot. It's about capabilities.... about being smart and innovative in handling both - politics and development. 

    A couple of examples of good but not-so-capable persons:
    - Nehru: I truly believe that Nehru was someone who had good intentions for the country but was pathetic when it came to capabilities and vision. 
    - Manmohan Singh - Definitely has good intentions for the country and is non-corrupt. He is even capable for development work. Where he fails miserably is at handling the party politics. He is just not capable enough to handle it smartly such that the party (read Gandhi's) allows him to work for development of the country.

    Now some positive examples:
    Lal Bahadur Shastri: After the death of Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri became India's PM. He died after just 18 months of becoming PM. During these 18 months, despite having to face a war against China, he brought Green Revolution in the country. Before his rule, India was heavily dependent on US/UN aid for food. He laid the foundation for India becoming self-reliant for food in very short period of time. He also attempted for de-licenseraj... some thing India could achive only in 1992.
    PV Narsimha Rao: I would not bet high on his capability for development work but he had really smart brain to handle party politics. He partially made up for his in-capabilities for development by bringing in people like MM Singh, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Chidambaram, AN Verma. It required shrewd political skills of PVN Rao to pass the reforms through parliament. Remember, reforms meant cutting the powers of all the MPs by introducing de-licenseraj and hence taking away their opportunities in making money (black money, of course). To get these ministers approve the reforms meant convincing them to cut their own wings. It took hell lot of smartness to achieve this. How Rao went about achieving this is a whole new topic... may be in some other blog in future.

    Narendra Modi: Now, coming to the 'title topic' of NaMo (Narendra Modi). He symbolizes a perfect combination of the capabilities I have emphasized upon. The capability to handle both - politics and development. He comes up with really innovative ideas. (Example, Solar energy through Narmada Canals - Also read his other speeches on development ideas). 
    I am not saying that he is the only capable politician for development. After all, we still have MM singh, Ahluwalia, Chidambaram etc in the government who, I feel are, really capable for development work. The problem is they are not smart enough to handle party politics to do this development work. In fact, I feel they are investing all their energy in handling only the politics. Handling politics diplomatically is certainly important and is absolutely essential but the issue is they are investing all of their energy only for politics. Development has been pushed somewhere in the backyard. Are they handling politics well?.... it is a debatable topic!

    NaMo has handled both quite effectively. Remember, it is not just inter-party politics that they need to handle. Intra-party politics is equally important. He has been smart enough in projecting himself as the PM candidate without he himself speaking. He has very aggressively focused on development work because of which others have started projecting him as PM candidate and other PM candidates in BJP are also compelled to praise him! 

    However, he has to win 2012 Gujarat elections. It doesn't look like he would lose it but if at all he looses, doors of PM candidature will close for him, at least for 2014 election.

    In my personal opinion, best PM candidate for NDA would be Nitish Kumar who has good image for development and doesn't share non-secular image with NaMo.  But obviously NDA's PM will be coming from BJP so he is out of question. 

    For NaMo to be PM in 2014 following things are important (in order of their complexities):
    - He has to win 2012 Gujarat elections
    - No unfavorable results in the communal violence case against him in Trial court till 2014.
    - Image makeover to a secular leader.


    Friday, December 31, 2010

    પ્રેમમાં ખેંચાણ છે - ‘મરીઝ’

    ‘મરીઝ’.... Galib of Gujarati-Gazals.... The depth in the meaning of his gazals is just awesome... sometimes I wonder how is it possible to scribe emotions so gracefully in just few lines.

    પ્રેમમાં ખેંચાણ છે, આવી ગઈ શ્રધ્ધા મને,
    એ હવે કહેવાને આવે છે કે ભૂલી જા મને.

    કૈંક ખામી આપણા આ પ્રેમનાં બંધનમાં છે,
    છૂટવા માટે હજી દેખાય છે રસ્તા મને.

    હું તને જોતે તો દુનિયાને પછી જોતે નહિ,
    તું મને જોતે તો જોતી થઈ જતે દુનિયા મને.

    થાય ટીકા આપની એ પણ મને ગમતું નથી,
    હો પ્રશંસા આપની તો થાય છે ઈર્ષા મને.

    હાથમાં આવી ગયું’તું એમનું આખું જીવન,
    હું હતો ગાફિલ, નહીં દેખાયા એ મોકા મને.

    આ સતત અવગણના એની મહેરબાની છે, ‘મરીઝ’,
    ધીમે ધીમે એ કરી દેવાના બેપરવા મને.

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Election 2009 - Congress menifesto

    General Elections are around the corner and this is definitely a point of debate for ppl.
    I will put down my personal preferences for the election -
    For me, it is very clear that there are only two parties in India. I strongly believe in voting only for either BJP or Congress. That will spare the country from hung assembly and only a stable government can do something good for the country.
    As such, no party (of the two mentioned) is GOOD but then, "The choice is between BAD and WORSE, not between GOOD and BAD. We have no option but to choose BAD."

    I will put down my analysis for both the parties -
    BJP (NDA):
    Purely looking at the development of Gujarat ever since NaMo has taken up the CM Job, I will vote for him without any doubts in the state elections.
    But when it comes to center, I get a bit suspicious about voting BJP.
    One major reason being I have serious doubts about unity within BJP. Whether they will be able to sustain the government for 5 years is a question. They seem to be having so many internal issues that it is a bit doubtful if they will be able to manage NDA, especially in absence of A.B.Vajpayee. I belive that Vajpayee's strong image was one factor which made other parties feel that they will have to hang around to be in power.

    Congress (UPA):
    I personally have good enough respect for some of the persons in teh cabinet. Especially Manmohan Singh and P. Chidambaram.
    Also, I feel that UPA hasn't been all that bad in last 5 years. At least, there is nothing that UPA didn't do and NDA would have done had NDA been in power.
    But certainly UPA has done one things, which would have been avoided had NDA been in power.
    The reservation fiasco -
    UPA's decision to push reservations in IITs and other Elite institutes was totally wrong decision.
    I read their menifesto in today's TOI and again I found these points!
    Two of the points in Congress menifesto were "Reservation in Pvt sector" and "Reservation for muslims in education and jobs."
    This is rediculous - I am not completely against reservation but there should be a limit. We should gradually reduce reservations. New reservations - be it any cast or community - should be out of question.
    Until I read the menifesto in today's TOI, my vote was in favour of UPA.
    But now I am very positively thinking about NDA.
    Just to reduce chance of such a reservation.

    Luv Olweiz.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Scotland trip

    Will write more about the trip later [Not that you will be interested in reading :))] For now, link to some of the snaps of the trip.....

    Luv Olweiz,

    Sunday, December 03, 2006

    My Second Story - The Appointment

    The Appointment

    Mahek was talking to someone on phone and was writing something on a piece of paper. She was in hurry to leave for office. She went in the room to take her purse, said bye to you and rushed for the office. Having stayed back late last night, you were going to leave a little late for office today. After sometime you noticed that she forgot that piece of paper near that phone only. You could read, “Dr. Shah – 5.00pm”
    You wondered why Mahek has taken an appointment with the doctor. For last whole week you have been too busy with your work and hence you could hardly spend any time with her during these days. This was not happening for the first time though. You both are in software industry for almost a decade now. A tight schedule around project deadlines is part of your lives and both of you have developed enough understanding to cope with this lifestyle.
    You called Mahek on her cell and she disconnected the call, which meant she was busy in some meeting. You left for the office. It is 11o’clock in the morning and your car is sailing smoothly on the road - You are using the accelerator more than the break unlike everyday when you leave at 8 in the morning.
    You reached office, checked your mails and the mail from your onsite counterpart about successful deployment of the system ensured that you will not have much work today except routine meetings in the afternoon.
    Just before lunch time, you got a note from Mahek informing she won’t be joining you for lunch as she was going to be busy in a meeting. She also informed that she might come home late today. You didn’t get a chance to talk to her and hence could not ask her about her appointment with doctor. You thought it will be better to talk to her in the evening.
    You reached home at about 6 in the evening, made tea for yourself and came out in the drawing room. You started searching for the TV remote and your eyes fell on the photograph of Mahek, on the same cute smile you fell in love with, which as usual, prompted a smile on your face. You switched on the television and first thing you saw was Nida Fazli, your favourite poet, reciting his gazals. You started watching this program and there came one of your favourite gazals; something, that took you about 5 years back in your life.
    * * * * * * *
    That day when you went to Ashi’s desk, she was explaining some technical stuff to her friend. You listened to Ashi for a few minutes and then interrupted by reciting this poetry of Nida Fazli,
    कभी कभी युं भी हमने, अपने जी को बेहलाया है;
    जीन बातों को खुद नहीं समजे, औरों को समजाया है.
    It was immediately followed by a chuckle from Ashi’s friend, Mahek and that sweet smile caught your attention that day.
    “What’s so funny about it?” roared Ashi at Mahek. Ashi frowned at you and before you could talk to her, she locked her computer and got up from her seat to leave. “Hey Ashi, Wait.” you said. “We will miss our bus, Bye…. Will see you tomorrow.” She left and you laughed out. This was routine reaction of Ashi whenever you teased her.
    Next day, at lunch time you asked Ashi, “Hey, who was that girl? The one who was with you yesterday?” “Hmm…. Why you are asking?” she asked with her devilish grin. “Nothing serious…. Just found her cute, you know!” you replied. She laughed and said, “So??? Are you expecting me to help you flirt with her?” “Hello ma’m!!! I just asked who she is!” – You argued back. She laughed again and said, “I know you very well, Mister” She paused for a while then said, “She is Mahek, my roommate. But sad news for you – last night she left for a two-week training.”
    After this day, quite a few times Mahek became a topic of light hearted discussion between you and Ashi. Many a times Ashi tried to pull your leg. It was before a couple of days Mahek was going to come back from training. You got a mail from Ashi saying “Hey Ishaan, Forgot to tell you at lunch time. It’s Mahek’s birthday today.” You mailed Mahek wishing her for her birthday. Mahek replied saying, “Thanks for the wishes Ishaan. Ashi informed you, is it?” You forwarded Ashi’s mail to her, in reply to her question.
    By that weekend Mahek was back from training and Ashi had planned a trekking trip for the weekend. You were least interested in going but as usual, Ashi dragged you into it. It was group of 5 people in trekking including you, Ashi and Mahek. You and Mahek were walking together and rest of the persons were walking ahead of you two.
    “So…. How was your birthday? Party-sharty?” You asked Mahek. “Nothing big, a small treat to friends – that’s it.” She replied. “Actually I was wondering why Ashi mailed you about my birthday. We hadn’t even met properly before.” She looked at you with a grin, expecting an answer from you. You laughed and said, “Well…. You want me to tell the truth or is it ok if I lie?” She laughed back and said, “Let’s see…. First tell me what you will say if you want to lie?” “Hmmm…. I will say, you know, Ashi is mad. You never know what she will do” you replied and she laughed out.
    Both of you walked for sometime without talking. Then suddenly she stopped, looked at you and asked, “And what’s the truth?” You looked back at her, smiled and started walking again. Again, both of you walked for sometime without a single word being spoken. You said, “The day you left for training, I asked Ashi about you.” “About me? What did you ask?” She asked. “Nothing much. As I saw you with Ashi the day before, I asked who are you and all.” You replied. She asked back, “So?” You were sort of dumbfound, “So nothing…. May be that’s why she mailed me about your birthday. And as far as I know Ashi, she would have told you all this – everything I asked her about you and all - right?” It was her turn to get jumbled now but before she had to answer, Ashi came to her rescue. Ashi shouted, “Come on guys, you two are too slow. We are waiting here for both of you.”
    That was beginning of a new relationship between you and Mahek. After about two years of courtship, you and Mahek got married.
    * * * * * * *
    It was already 7.00pm. You again remembered Dr. Shah, the appointment at 5.00pm. You got up, took that piece of paper again, read the same words again, “Dr. Shah – 5.00pm” You flipped the paper and noticed that it was visiting card of Dr. Shah, the gynaecologist and obstetrician.
    After that you went to your bedroom and on Mahek’s drawer you saw a couple of books on childbirth and pregnancy. You were pleasantly surprised, “Is Mahek pregnant? But then why didn’t she tell me?” You picked the books in your hand and something fell down from the books. It looked like a cover. You picked it up and opened it. It was a greeting card. Next day is going to be your wedding anniversary. Now everything is getting cleared up in your mind. Mahek is planning to give you a surprise on your anniversary. It’s been 3 years you and Mahek have been married. You both have been waiting for the ‘good news’. Before some months you had taken the fertility test, something that Mahek doesn’t know, and the reports were normal. You could never gather courage to ask Mahek to go for the test just out of the fear that you might end up hurting her.
    You decided not to mention anything to Mahek about her appointment with the doctor. You decided that you will let her give you the news. It was good that your anniversary was on Saturday and both of you will be having whole day to spend with each other. Unlike everyday, you woke up before Mahek today. You prepared tea for both of you. It took 3 efforts for you to cook ‘good’ breakfast. Not that you never cooked before or that your first two efforts were bad, but today you wanted everything to be ‘the best’. You yourself were feeling that you are behaving in a childlike manner. When you went to your bedroom with tea and breakfast to wake Mahek up, she was surprised to see this sudden change in your behaviour – positively, of course. She replied to your ‘Good morning’ with ‘Happy wedding anniversary’. Huh…. You smiled and thought - Even this time you missed out on being first to wish anniversary.
    You were mentally prepared for her to break the news. You were anticipating it any time. You decided to prepare lunch today. Unlike other weekends when Mahek was used to prepare lunch and you were used to help her; today you were preparing lunch and Mahek was helping you. It’s just that ‘the helper’ was playing more important role in this case and may be that was the reason that the food was good enough to eat.
    In the evening, you both went out for dinner. You had already planned for a beautiful evening together. This was not very unusual for Mahek. It was something you did every year…. rather on every possible occasion but she could feel a difference in your behaviour this time.
    On the other hand, you were getting impatient. You both reached home at about 11.30pm and just when she started planning to go to sleep, you couldn’t hold back any longer. You asked her, “Mahek, you went to see the doctor yesterday?” “Yes” she replied. You waited for sometime expecting her to say more. “Is everything all right?” “Yeah everything ok” she replied. She took a book in her hand and started reading it as if she was trying to avoid the topic.
    The situation was becoming highly frustrating for you. You snatched the book from her hand, she looked at you and you raised your eyebrows as if you are waiting for her to elaborate. “Ok ok, it’s just that I didn’t want to inform you so early.” You thought the long wait is finally over. “I took an appointment with Dr Shah for Ashi. As Shishir is out of town, she wanted me to go with her. She is pregnant and she wanted to inform this to Shishir first, once he comes back next week. After that she was planning to inform this to everyone.”
    “But what about those books in your drawer? Those are not yours?” you asked. “Ohh that. They are also for Ashi.” She laughed a little and said further, “Why would I need those books? I am not….” Her voice trailed. Suddenly she stopped and looked at you Ishaan. She could clearly see your face agap with utter disappointment. Now she realised what was exactly going on in your mind and now she could relate this whole discussion with your today’s behaviour. There was a silence in the room for what seemed like an eternity. You both drifted off to sleep; rather you both tried to pretend to be asleep. Turmoil was going on in your minds. It was almost an unbearable feeling for Mahek.
    But there is one thing you are not aware of Ishaan, that just like you, Mahek had taken ‘the tests’ a few months back and the reports were normal for her as well.
    One more thing you both are not aware of is that you are hardly a few days away from the long awaited ‘good news’. The ‘life’ has already taken shape and it’s not going to be long before it announces itself. It is just a matter of time before both of you come across one of the happiest days of your lives....

    ....Link to My first Short Story - The Diary

    - Sarang